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Centrally located in picturesque inland North Carolina, Greensboro is the perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in Southern traditions with entertainment, food and drink. While the mountains of Asheville and the beaches along the coast get a lot of the outdoor hype from Carolas, sparsely populated Greensboro has hiking and biking trails that make it an outdoor destination that everyone can enjoy.

The main attraction in Greensboro is the pristine Greensborough Science Center, which houses the world's largest wolf maneuver exhibit, the Wolf Man Project. There are a number of other attractions you can visit in Greensville, as well as other North Carolina cities and towns, such as Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville.

The historically black college, founded in the late 19th century, has a long history as one of North Carolina's first black colleges and universities.

The museum was founded in 1993 and opened its doors to the public in 2003 as part of the exhibition City Arts 52. The art galleries include works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Robert E. Lee, John Reed and others, as well as works by local artists.

The Douglas DC-3 revolutionized air travel in the 1930s, and airlines such as Eastern Airlines flew to Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Charlotte.

At this time, flights could be offered to destinations throughout Spain and the country from Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and other cities in Piedmont. Other railroads, including the North Carolina Railroad, built in 1850 between Charlotte and Greensborough and Morehead City, allowed goods to be transported from the Fayetteville area to port cities and markets. Some of the earliest routes and plank roads included shelters, such as the Greenville - Raleigh - Charlotte Rail Road and the Charlotte - Greensborner Railroad.

One of the earliest highways was the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road, which began in Pennsylvania and stretched south through North Carolina and Georgia. The North-South motorway, the South-West motorway and the East-North motorway followed.

Four freeways connecting Greensboro: I-40 goes east-west, 85 goes north-south, 40 goes west-east, and when they're finished, I-73 goes north. Four federal roads: Four interstate highways serving Greensborough: Interstate 80, Interstate 85, North - South and South - West. Upon completion: II-85, which runs north and south; Interstate 75, the North Carolina-Georgia border highway; and Interstate 74, a highway between Cincinnati, Ohio and the Quad Cities. Two Interstate Highways: Two motorways with two lanes each, four junctions, one in each direction, in the city, with 40 in east and west direction and 85 in north or south direction. One Interstate Highway, two Interstates, both with one lane each; four Interstate Road, all in one direction; two in each direction. Three Interstate Interstates: One Interstate Road, four of which serve Greenboro; one on each side of the river; the other two on both sides.

The area is steeped in history and began in the 17th century, when troops from North Carolina under Lord Cornwallis successfully invaded Virginia and the US Virgin Islands. Head northeast to the historic city of Williamsburg, Virginia, where you can learn more about America's colonial era.

The people of Raleigh soon changed their minds and enabled the construction of the Raleigh-Gaston Railroad in 1836. The state government designated Greensboro as a stop on the new rail line because the Blandwood plantation was nearby, but the city of Raleigh did not.

The Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League have called the Greensboro Coliseum their home since it was built in Raleigh. The ACC Hall of Champions Museum was opened in 1999 in the park, a few years after the ACC was founded in Greenboro in 1953 and is based at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC - Greensboro). The park is home to the Carolina Pacesetter, who host the greensboro Invitational Cross Country Meet on the first Saturday in October, the last Saturday in October.

Greensboro is not only a city to visit, it is also a place to make plans for a visit, and it is a city to visit again and again. Annual events in Greensboro include the longest-running celebration of the North Carolina State Fair in the country and the annual Greenbrier Festival.

Greensboro sports leagues include the North Carolina State Football League, the NC State Basketball League and the N.C. State Soccer League. There are also Bebe sports leagues in other parts of the state, such as UNC - Chapel Hill football team, UNC basketball team and UNC football.

Amtrak serves Greensboro with four Amtrak passenger trains that stop at four stops in the city, three of which serve Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte-Durham. Greyhound has an extensive service network in Greensborough, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, and in Charlotte.

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