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Wyndham Worldwide (NYSE: WYN) today announced that its newest hotel chain, Greenville, North Carolina WyNDham Hotel, is a joint venture between Orlando, Florida, and Charlotte, N.C., the hotel management company Wyndam Group and the Charlotte Convention and Visitors Bureau ("CVRB"). WYNDHAM Worldwide, Inc., a publicly traded, all-play hotel company, is one of the largest hotel operators in the world with more than 1,200 hotels and the country's leading hotel management company with operations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The Wyndham Group, the world's largest hotel management company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, has more than 20 hotel brands, including WyNDham Hotels & Resorts, a global leader in hotels, resorts and resort management, and a portfolio of more than 1,200 hotels in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East and North Africa. WYNDHAM Group and its parent company, Wynham Worldwide, Inc., a publicly traded (NYSE: WYN), operate in the United States, Canada and South America with over 2,000 hotels and hotel management companies, including 20 hotel brands, and is an international leader in hospitality and hospitality.

Wyndham includes the following areas: WyNDham Super 8 Days Inn motels in New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C., as well as hotels in the USA and Canada.

The Thunderbird Oaks Mobile Home Park in Thousand Oaks, CA is located at the WyNDham Super 8 Days Inn in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Learn more about the WyNDham Super 8 Days Inn in Los Angeles, California, USA and see if it works for you. Check out our top 100 ranked hotels in Charlotte, NC, and get ratings, hours, directions, coupons, and more. The 208 Hotel Charlotte is ranked 107th out of 208 hotels in the Charlotte area and is at the top of the list of Charlotte hotels & resorts.

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Wyndham Hotel Group provides hotel management services to hotels in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The company operates in three reportable business segments and operates 20 hotel brands, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, hotels and resorts in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. It has three floors with 79 rooms, including double and triple rooms with double beds, a full service restaurant and a bar. Cable TV and free Wireless internet is included in the price, as well as access to amenities for a longer stay such as pool, gym, gym, spa, pool deck and pool house.

Wyndham owns and operates what is on the list of the chain's branded hotels in the world: Club Wyndambe as its primary network. Other chains near Lake Constance include Days Inn Hotels, which owns WyNDham, and other brands such as Marriott International and Hilton.

WH is the largest hotel franchising company in the world, has 21 brands in 75 counties and offers more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada. WyNDham is a member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHA) and the Association of American Hotels and Resorts (AAHR).

Wendham Destinations, formerly known as Wyndham Worldwide, is the largest hotel franchising company in the United States and Canada with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in 75 counties. WyNDham also owns many other well-known brands, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses and travel agencies. This is a great hotel, perfect for a family vacation in North Carolina or a business trip to the region.

The Oaks and Anantara are run by the same company but have separate reservation desks and share their share of amenities. Wyndham Rego Park also has a Starbucks, as do many other WyNDham hotels in North Carolina. It offers air-conditioned accommodation and a variety of food and beverages, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner.

CEO of Action for Diversity and Inclusion, led by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts President and CEO Steve Steering and Executive Vice President of Diversity & Inclusivity, Chris Gossett. Glassdoor offers you a deep insight into the work as an assistant to the management at WyNDham Destinations, including salary, reviews, office photos and more.

PARSIPPANY, N.C. - Wyndham Legend Halong is one of the top hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina that claims international five-star standards. Charlotte Research experts from the Charlotte Business Journal and the Charlotte Observer ranked it 106 out of 208 hotels in Charlotte with a 3.0 rating.

Guests enjoy having a full service restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa and wellness facilities. One of the top hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Wyndham Legend Halong is located in the sought-after downtown area of Greensboro, N.C., just a short drive from downtown and is coveted for its great views of the Charlotte skyline.

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