Greensboro North Carolina Sheraton Hotel

As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I'm sure others have told me so, but compared to other Sheraton hotels, it's almost Las Vegas - feeling at this hotel. Interestingly, the Sheraton Four Seasons has 1,000 rooms and has had to complain about a lack of amenities.

The theme is inspired by the Sheraton Four Seasons North Carolina hotel name and its location in the city of Asheville.

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It was just announced that a $30 million renovation was underway during my visit and I had absolutely no indication that it was up to date. When I entered, a sign was on the front door with the name of the hotel and the number of rooms. Looking at the menu, I was amazed by the variety of options available in the restaurant and the quality of the food. To add to the theory of a Vegas attempt, the windows of this restaurant open into a long hallway inside the hotel.

The trout tasted fresh enough at first and the skin preparation calmed me down a bit and I started to really like the food. The green beans were again very well salted and covered with so much salt that they could not possibly taste bad. Then I realized that this was not a sign of good food, they did not salt well and if you overcook protein you can overcook with crappy ingredients. Here, too, the green bean was very good, not as good as the trout, but not bad at all, and covered so thickly that it could not possibly have tasted bad!

I think they have agreed on a less confusing name, as the Four Points brand is much cheaper than the Sheraton brand, but if you have a choice, do yourself a favour and make yourself a bone. The price is about the same, the quality is infinitely better, and I suspect that, coming to a conference here, they know that they might as well get a captive audience for their food. If you make the mistake of juicing it with the four-point mark instead of your own mark, you have to decide whether it's good or bad.

Only customers who book through and stay at the property concerned can leave a review. It takes 12 minutes and 5 miles to get to downtown Greensboro, although it is not very close to its destination.

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