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Marriott International announced today that SpringHill Suites Marriott Greensboro Airport will open on Saturday, March 30, 2019. The La Quinta Inn & Suite Greensborough will pet - friendly, with proximity - in pet access to the hotel's indoor and outdoor pools. Marriott International, the largest hotel chain in North Carolina and the third largest in the United States, today announced the completion of the first phase of a $1.5 billion renovation project at the Marriott Greenboro Hotel, which focuses on hotel room and suite conversions, and announced a new partnership with the Greenville County Convention and Visitors Bureau (GCCB) to open its first new hotel in more than a decade. Marriot International and its subsidiary Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Inc., the world's largest hotel company, today announced the final phase of a two-year, $2.1 billion renovation project focused on hotel room and suite conversions, scheduled to open in March 2018.

The renovation of the Marriott Greensboro Downtown will feature a neutral, contemporary aesthetic, interspersed with bright and colorful focal points and inspired by the vibrant downtown skyline and its vibrant art and culture. Inspired by New York City, New Jersey and the United States, it will also offer an eclectic mix of neutral and contemporary aesthetics that runs through the hotel's indoor and outdoor spaces, including the lobby, lobby bar and lobby area. The renovation of the Marriott Greenboro Downtown is presented in a "neutral" and "contemporary" aesthetic that is interspersed with bright, colorful "hot spots" inspired by San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and other cities around the world. Inspired by the colorful skyscrapers of downtown North America and its vibrant art and cultural culture, the Marriott greensboro "Downtown Renovation" presents itself in an unconventional mix of indoor and outdoor spaces with a unique blend of neutral and contemporary avant-garde - mixed with aesthetics everywhere, such as the front entrance and entrance areas, and a variety of vibrant colors in the hallway and outdoor spaces.

The renovation of Columbia Sussex Marriott has taken the Marriott Hotel MH to a new level, focusing on simple, strong features, including the lobby, lobby bar and lobby area, as well as a variety of vibrant colors in the hallway and exterior spaces, and a unique blend of neutral and contemporary avant-garde - mixed aesthetics everywhere, such as the entrance and entrance areas. The renovations at the Columbia Sussex Marriott have a newer, stronger focus, which focuses on a simple but strong focus on the exterior and interior of the hotel, including simple but strong "focal points," including a bright, colorful "hot spot" in each hallway, a vibrant color in each exterior and an eclectic mix of neutrals and modern, contemporary aesthetics throughout the hotel and its interiors. The Colombia Brighton Marriott Renovation features a completely new, high-end hotel design with a "new" and "contemporary" aesthetic and the new "Marriott HotelMH" standards, which focus on a simpler but stronger focus - points that include a bright, bright and lively "hot spot" in each hallway, an open-air lobby and lounge area and, of course, the colorful exterior design.

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The Greensboro Marriott Downtown offers a wide range of wedding events and offers a complete suite of services for weddings, receptions and other special events. The hotel offers guests access to a variety of amenities, including a spa, fitness centre, spa and wellness area, and a private dining room. A team of certified wedding planners, wedding photographers, photographers and photographers will work with you to make your big day a dream. For more information about the Marriott Greenboro Downtown, please visit the hotel's website or call 336-379-8000.

For travel to the Baltimore - Washington region, BWI Marshall Airport is an easy - to - coming - and easy to reach choice. The airport was founded in 1935 as a city airport in Charlotte and received its current name in 1982. Many people are interested in finding a Greensboro, North Carolina hotel just a short drive from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Airport. The suite is located in a free shuttle that also covers local destinations within 3 miles.

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