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Greensboro, North Carolina, is full of culture and beauty, modeled on South Elm Street, from vintage shops and hip art galleries to restaurants and bars.

Whether you want to try one of the popular choices in Greensboro or stick to a proven delivery favorite, treat yourself to something tasty. If you'd rather get your takeout order, check out the new pop-ups at local restaurants such as Pizzeria Bolognese and Pizza Hut. Next time you crave an oven - baked pizza worthy of a little drool - then head to the restaurant. This is the place for your taste buds, because they have created a new "pop-up" in the form of an all-you-can-eat pizza bar with live music and live entertainment.

Jerusalem Market on Elm has been feeding the triad for over 30 years, and here you can find some of the best Middle Eastern food in Greensboro, North Carolina. If you're in Camel City and need good tacos that you can find everywhere, don't forget the Winston - Salem location.

Even if you're in other parts of the city, you can find the Food Lion nearby while you're running errands, or even downtown Greensboro.

To find the nearest grocery store, look at the map below and use our store location mechanism, or search for the kitchen (American), search for "Greensboro" in the search box on the right side of the page. Here is a way to find and compare all the restaurants and delivery services in Greensboro. Search our Food Finder for North Carolina and Food Lion categories and discover all of our local food options, as well as a list of restaurants, bars and other food and beverage options. In Greensborough, we have about 30 food lions to consider, with a total of more than 1,000 locations in North Carolina.

We look at restaurant reviews given by Uber Eats users to assess how popular a restaurant is in Greensboro, where the average rating is 4.5. We # Ve highlighted some of the restaurants popular with Greenboro residents. Mexico Restaurant is popular Mexican, Cherry Pit Cafe and Pie Shop are both popular American, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is popular Italian and Cherry Pit is popular in American.

Mexican and Asian fusion dishes are on the menu, including Thai beef salad (pictured above) and Thai Fried Chicken, as well as southwestern pimento burrito. If you are not a true southerner and do not want to experience the full southern feeling, you can order biscuits and gravy. Above, the Dirty South nachos represent North Carolina, with pulled pork, chicken, cheese, salsa and salsa verde.

I tried the Carolina rooster, a favourite of mine and my wife, and it consists of three chicken and blueberry waffles smothered in peach and apricot lard. I tried it with a blueberry waffle topped with peaches, apricots and lard, which was a great addition to the menu, as well as a delicious side dish of chicken nuggets.

After all, it's not every trip down south to try fried chicken, but Dame's Chicken and Waffles has some of the best in town. Chicken wings have been off the menu since 2011, from marble to marble, garlic and rosemary fries, and you're ready to go. We chose Domino's because the food delivery in Greensboro doesn't disappoint, and we chose from a huge list of craft beers. If you're really into the Hops Classic North Carolinian, or if you're forgetting what it feels like in NC, choose one of the craft beer options.

Get a bite to eat here and you'll see why Banditos Burrito is one of the best restaurants in Greensboro. Hidden behind various shops, this restaurant offers a wide selection of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads and more. If you've just landed in PTI, first of all, thank us for not changing the name, or directing your Lyft driver to one or both of these restaurants, because we all understand Greensborough.

You will love their Mediterranean-inspired dishes, but you can also choose your own way. They offer finger-licking shrimp and grains that you can find outside your mother's house, and they are among the best.

The grains and greens are spot on, and their mac and cheese are also among the best in town. Dame's is a community centre, but they can offer you what you need, served with a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine or even a bottle of beer or wine.

This Greensboro restaurant is not just a pizza delivery with organic flour ground from wood - baked cakes and a variety of toppings. Banh Mi Saigon Sandwiches & Bakery serves some of the best Banh Mi in North Carolina. This is a popular breakfast spot where you can get a great breakfast sandwich with a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine or even a bottle of beer. But most people waddle into the Scrambled Southern Diner to enjoy their creamy Hollandaise plate or breakfast burrito.

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